I consider myself at a beginner level regarding Bitcoin, Blockchain, Etherum and related technologies. I have a big interest though. I read an article recently about energy consumption attached to the bitcoin calculation process and enjoyed it. Find the original link at the bottom. Here it goes. ______ One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much […]

The following presentation by Martin Fowler presents some great factoring gems and ideas that are worth paying attention to. “The key to good refactoring is to remember that the essence of it is small steps” This is very important for many reasons. As software developers, our role is also to keep the codebase clean. Refactoring […]

Phil Japikse does a pretty nice presentation during .Net Conf 2017, about Design Patterns. Worth taking a look at and get back to “basics”. If you look at your code and automatically feel like you need to add comments, maybe you have too much and should decouple more. Creational Paterns Structural Patterns Behavioral Patterns Observer […]

“If you’re a .NET developer and want to know where big data technologies are going, this is where to get started.” Click the image below to follow the Channel9 video and learn more about the topic.                                

I’ve watched and enjoyed this talk, by Ricardo Bion, Data Science Manager at Airbnb. If you love data, are curious about how Airbnb uses it, curious about Data Science, programming, R language and things of that sort, spend the worth 15 minutes to watch this talk.

Wanna know more about AirBnB and how it all started? Check the video below.

I love reading computer manuals, be they about software architecture, algorithmic, programming, security, cloud storage and operations, big data, machine learning or others. The following text is taken from the book “AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis“ ——————————————————————————– Also Known As: Gold Plating, Standards Disease, Make Everybody Happy, Political Party Root Causes: Pride, Avarice Anecdotal Evidence: […]