Be careful with Credit Cards

I just finished reading an article about credit cards and I thought about archiving it in my posts library and also share it with you. I’ve been using credit cards for several years. I am an e-commerce services consumer and I use my cards in some places where I don’t feel confident about using my debit card. And also when traveling. To this day, I still think it’s way better to spend directly with cash or your debit card than spending with a credit card. When you spend with cash or debit card, the money instantly goes away, really goes away from you. You are worth less than what you were just prior to your spending.

On the opposite, spending with your credit card every time possible just makes you, most of the time, have the feeling that you’re still worth the same amount of money than prior to your purchase. You have this ‘so wrong’ feeling that you’re still as rich and your ‘wealth’ will decrease only after you pay your bill at the end of the month….if you manage to pay it all.

This post is just to warn credit card users, about the risks of using it ‘too much’. You can get yourself in serious troubles if you don’t pay attention. I talk from experience. To this day, I’ve done my homeworks and I’m way more cautious about where I carry my credit card.

Here are three (03) interesting links that will provide you with interesting insights about credit cards and how you’re fooling yourself, thinking that you can outsmart the credit card industry.

Credit Card Debt Explained With a Glass of Water

It will take you about 8 years to clear a $2000 credit card debt if you only the minimum amount

Ten facts credit cards companies don’t want you to know.

Be wise. Be smart. Use cash.

Pat Amazing.

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