Keeping the dance on

Hey folks,

It’s Saturday, July 2nd and I’m here, thinking about how to make an impact in people lives in a few years. I’ve running several different blogs for about 4 years and I recently came down to 2 over the last year. Since yesterday, July 1st, I’ve trying to access one of my blogs because I wanted to post some great content and I was keeping having that 502 error.

For a reason so far unknown to my brain, I’ve not been able to get access to the blog where I share my techie experience. After looking at one of Scott Guthrie’s interviews, and some others on DotNetRock TV, I wanted to share few cool sentences with the world and I was denied this access. So I’ve decided, instead of waiting for that 502 gateway issue to be resolved by my blog hosting site, to start a new one and keep sharing my energy and enthusiasm about computers with the world.

I hope you are currently have fun and are enjoying your life the way you want it.
If not, I urge you to take some time, breath, think about what it is that you want to accomplish over the next years and come up with a plan on how to execute that.

My next post will be about an interview I just finished looking, with Sean Parker, former founder of Naspter. I found it quite interesting and loved what I heard.

Until then, I wish you an amazing time.

Pat Amazing.

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