Monthly Archives: July 2011

Sheryl Sandberg, her role at Facebook, and women in business.

Hey folks, After Sean Parker and Bill Gates, today I bring you a complete transcription of a wonderful article from the New Yorker on Sheryl Sandberg, former Google vice-president for global online sales and operations, who impacted Facebook as she became the new Chief Operating Officer. Have fun and learn. Patrick. A Woman’s Place Can […]

How Bill Gates and Microsoft changed the world

Hey folks, Today, Monday July 04th 2011. I just found some great videos about Microsoft and Bill Gates and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy them and learn about the one company that revolutionized the world of software computing. I need to be there… I will be there… Seven (07) parts series about Bill […]

Sean Parker – Man of Mystery.

Hi friends, today, Monday July 04th 2011, as I usually do, I read about some people I like. I just found an article on the Vanity Fair online magazine talking about the story, successes and failures of Sean Parker, the man who co-founded Napster, has been serving as Facebook president and has promoted Spotify. I […]

Be careful with Credit Cards

I just finished reading an article about credit cards and I thought about archiving it in my posts library and also share it with you. I’ve been using credit cards for several years. I am an e-commerce services consumer and I use my cards in some places where I don’t feel confident about using my […]

Learning from Sean Parker

Hey, I just finished looking at an interview hosted by Jimmy Fallon in which he interviews Sean Parker, an American Internet technology businessman and entrepreneur, Sean is a former co-founder of Napster, Plaxo and Causes and was also part of Facebook. He started to learn about programming at age of 7 and has been doing […]

Keeping the dance on

Hey folks, It’s Saturday, July 2nd and I’m here, thinking about how to make an impact in people lives in a few years. I’ve running several different blogs for about 4 years and I recently came down to 2 over the last year. Since yesterday, July 1st, I’ve trying to access one of my blogs […]