Monthly Archives: August 2011

RSS Reader for Mac

Are you using RSS feeds for keeping useful and interesting content available to you anytime ? If yes, you’re probably using your tool of choice. I use Feedemon for Windows to read my RSS feeds and sync them with Google reader. I am now starting to experience that same feeling on Mac OS, and I’ve […]

Rest In Peace Jack Layton

Here is the last letter (source at the bottom) from Jack Layton, just less than 2 days before he passes away. Jack Layton is the first Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons to die in office since Sir Wilfrid Laurier in 1919. Jack was a wonderful guy. I’ve recently seen him as […]

Read 1 book a week for 6 months

This week, I challenged myself to read at least one book a week for the next 6 months. From September 2011 to February 2012. After that period of time, I will check if I go for another period. Let’s do it chunk by chunk. This can include both Computer/Programming/Technical books or non-technical ones. It doesn’t […]

.NET and LINQ – Language Integrated Query

Hi, Today, I bring to you a series of very interesting documents for .NET developers. This content comes with Visual Studio 2010 and provides great guidance to a lot of really interesting aspects of .NET programming. As a C# developer, I enjoy reading code and optimizing it when necessary. Here is a brief overview of […]

LINQ beyond Queries – by Scott Allen

Today I share with you a very interesting Channel 9 session presented by Scott Allen during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands. The C# language and the .NET platform introduced many new features to support language integrated query.  In this session, we’ll look at using these LINQ related features to build rich, […]