Scott Hanselman shows Visual Studio 2012 new features

July 2012.
Scott Hanselman
gives the second day keynote for aspConf. In this session, Scott Hanselman starts by explaining the vision of One ASP.NET. He then shows a bunch of mind-blowing prototype features, and ends by answering dozens of live questions from the community. This is a must-see session that happens to be a ton of fun, too.

A lot of the features available in MVC are also available in Webforms.
The new model should allow the community to contribute.
ASP.NET 4.5 will ship soon with Visual Studio 2012.
A lot of work has been put in the tooling.
ASP.NET MVC, Web Pages v2 (Razor) Web API are Open Source with Contributions.
VS 2012 will allow you to select which browser/platform to run your application on:
Safari, Iphone, Firefox…
You can also specify your application to automatically launch in multiple browsers at once.

ASP.NET brings power to many features and technologies that brings you productivity.

Remember also that in the end, it’s one ASP.NET.

Click the picture below to see the video.



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