Monthly Archives: March 2013

Web developers love System.Net.HttpStatusCode

Earlier this week, I was working on a specific project and encountered a specific error while working with some service calls over the wire. I ended up discussing with few people about whether or not I should return a specific StatusCode type for the situation I was dealing with. About 5 minutes after we started […]

Elements of code beauty

I have a great meeting in few hours. With an Internet Mogul. A real Tycoon. The kind of guy you would like to resemble if you love software, business, entrepreneurship. It’s not a one-to-one meeting but I will be part of the people who will have the chance to hear him, discuss with him, and […]

Why you should treat code as an Essay

Following my interest in programming languages, coding and Ruby (more recently), I’ve been reading some text by Yukihiro Matsumoto aka Matz 🙂 Yukihiro is a Japanese computer scientist and software programmer best known as the chief designer of the Ruby programming language and its reference implementation. (See Wiki.) He is a fellow of Rakuten Institute […]

Working with Git and GitHub

I’ve started using Git distributed source code control recently and I have to say I love you, Git. I used to complain and be blocked when I was working with Team Foundation Server and that for some reason, the TFS server was down. Now, I just don’t worry about that because Git allows me to […]