Are you a developer or a tester ? Or can you be both ?

Have you very thought about triple-clicking a button to try breaking an application ?

Are unit tests enough ?
Do they mean you can ship your product ?
Can you have your project fail even with 100% test coverage ?

Developers think about the way things should work.
Testers, good testers think about what could cause the product to break.

Developers and Testers

Developers and Testers

Developers are trying to meet requirements. Testers try to think outside of the requirements. And it’s really cool this way.
It helps make the software we write great.

I didn’t say clicking, or double-clicking….but triple clicking…

Take a look at this conversation between Scott Hanselman, Phil Haack, Ted Neward and other great technologists.

Why do developers don’t like writing unit tests ?

What make a tester a good one ?

Click here to view this interesting Channel9 video about those topics.

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