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3 great talks about Git version control system

I’ve recently been a pretty strong advocate of using Git as a version control system. It is inherently different from any other system around and being distributed is definitely something that I enjoy a lot. Let me share here 3 nice talks that I’ve enjoyed and which all describe Git and will allow you to […]


Vagrant allows you to create and configure lightweight, reproducible and portable development environments. Let’s say you want to dev team members to all be sharing the same environments settings, so that deployment can be made easier, Vagrant is an option to use. You’ll need your Ops team to properly set it up. Get more information […]

Git, a very nice tool and adventure.

I’ve used Subversion, Source Safe, TFS and others. Today I use Git for hosting most of my projects. I chose to do it to learn the tool, the environment and the paradigms behind it. It also started mostly because my professional work requires it. And I like it this way. Git is a distributed version control system […]