Building great APIs

What does it take to build an awesome API ?
Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Klout, LinkedIn, Netflix and many others have understood a lot about it and make use of that knowledge.
As developers, as entrepreneurs, it’s important to understand this too.

In a talk done at OSCON 2012, John Musser (@johnmusser), founder of ProgrammableWeb explains what it takes to build a great API.

What is it that turns an ordinary API into a great API? This talk from OSCON 2012 outlines the 5 “keys” to having a great API. Lots of examples from successful real-world APIs are used to highlight what matters. Also, this talk reveals 7 lesser known but very important “API secrets”. 

5 Keys to a Great API

  • Provide a valuable service
  • Have a plan and a business model
  • Make it simple and flexible
  • It should be managed and measured
  • Provide great developer support

You can access his SlideShare presentation by clicking this link or the following picture.

John Musser OSCON 2012

John Musser OSCON 2012


If you want to know more about John Musser and Programmable Web, check this link.


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