Executing Pull request on GitHub

I’ve been working with Git version control system for some time now. Both for personal and professional reasons. And I like it. Yes, I really like it. Oh yes, I really really like it.

Git and GitHub allow us to experiment what is known as social coding.
Back in 2011, GitHub already claimed to be the largest code host in the world, with more than two million repositories and one million users.

As part of that work, one operation we do a lot is called Forking.
Forking allows you to get a personally owned copy of a repository that you otherwise wouldn’t have direct right access to.
You will then make changes and offer them back to the master reposiroty through a mechanism called Pull Request.

If you use Git and GitHub, but don’t have a clear understanding of the Pull Request mechanism, I suggest you take a look at the following video by Matthew McCullough (@matthewmccull)

In 2010, Matthew had the privilege of being selected as the primary online and secondary in-person trainer for GitHub.com on all things Git.

Social coding — the next wave in development

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