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Why AngularJS

  AngularJS is a beautiful framework by Misko Hevery. There is so much we can do with it when it comes to web applications. The following presents different technologies and frameworks and what they are tackling. It is based on that initial state that AngularJS has been approached in order to provide a new way […]

Agility and Architecture by Bob Martin

From Simula to C++? Writing a pre-processor to make C look like Simula? And then comes C++? And then the concept of use cases from Ivar Jacobson is introduced? So now we are talking about maybe using C++ and using use cases for designing things? And then comes the gang of four with Design Patterns? […]

What Is Software Architecture?

“Architecture is….the important stuff, whatever that is.” “We need to put less effort on quality so we can build more features for our next release.” Really? How you define the quality of your software in regards to architecture? Where do you place your customers’ ability to compete into that picture? Why keep your code base […]

Ryan Tomayko – How I Explained REST to My Wife

This article by Ryan Tomayko discuss REST and its implications. The author has removed it for good from his blog for reasons indicated in the link at the bottom, How I Explained REST to My Wife Sunday, December 12, 2004 Translations of the following dialog available in Japanese, French, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese, and Chinese. Huge thanks to YAMAMOTO Yohei, Karl Dubost, jishin, Barbz, Tordek, Edgard Arakaki, keven lw, […]

Announcing Visual Studio Debug Engine Extensibility Samples

Microsoft is moving forward with putting out as many informations as possible for the Visual Studio Debugger, Concord, available for tweaking. The current documentation is available on Github here. Here is what we can find on MSFT website, coming from Patrick Nelson, a member of the Visual Studio Debugger Team “In Visual Studio 2012, the […]