Announcing Visual Studio Debug Engine Extensibility Samples

Microsoft is moving forward with putting out as many informations as possible for the Visual Studio Debugger, Concord, available for tweaking. The current documentation is available on Github here.

Here is what we can find on MSFT website, coming from Patrick Nelson, a member of the Visual Studio Debugger Team

“In Visual Studio 2012, the we introduced a new debug engine code-named “Concord”. In Visual Studio 2012, Concord was used only for native debugging. Starting with Visual Studio 2013, Concord is used for managed debugging as well.

Concord is designed to be a collection of many components working together to form the debug engine. This means each component can be authored by anyone and plugged into Concord to extend or modify the debugger’s behavior.  The Visual Studio SDK includes the necessary libraries and tools for extending Concord, and those of you extending Visual Studio asked for more public samples or documentation.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the Concord Documentation is now publicly available on GitHub.  We have documentation as well as two sample extensions. One extension is named Hello World and demonstrates the basics of integrating with Concord by adding a “Hello World” frame to the call stack. The other extension is a.NET language (CLR) expression evaluator. The latter is particularly helpful for anyone who maintains their own language running on the .NET runtime (CLR) and has written or is writing a .NET compiler.

Comments and contributions are welcome on our GitHub site.”

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