Agility and Architecture by Bob Martin

From Simula to C++?
Writing a pre-processor to make C look like Simula? And then comes C++?
And then the concept of use cases from Ivar Jacobson is introduced?
So now we are talking about maybe using C++ and using use cases for designing things?
And then comes the gang of four with Design Patterns? 24 of them… that will live in immortality…
These people captured about 75 to 80% of the design patterns that we use here and there…
And then Java comes…. but you go deep into it….do you see C++? 🙂
And then the focus changes to…code…And Refactoring….
And then Martin implies….but doesn’t quite state….that you need unit testing to make things look “good”.
And here comes Kent Bent explaining us Extreme Programming
Things get interesting…and then comes The Agile Manifesto
And also….Scrum
Until we get into the “Web” and “Databases” and “Frameworks” and this and that… until…realizing that those can and should be seen as “I/O devices” we want to be independent from…we remember the good parts of … Architecture..

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