Splunk for Beginners

Are you planning on using Splunk? Why? If you are not sure, consider the following.

Today, in this world of Machine data. and constant stream of information, there is always a need to take advantage of this massive amount of bits that are collected. And Splunk, can help you at that. Among many things, it does the following:

-collects and indexes data at massive scale, from wherever it is generated, regardless of format or source.
– provides its functionality as a cloud service.
– allows users toquickly and easily monitor, search, analyze and report on their data all in real-time.
– Doesn’t rely on inflexible databases.
– is easy to deploy, use and scale. Whether on premises or in a public, private or hybrid cloud.
– provides Hunk , Splunk Analytics for Hadoop, for Big Data environments that use Hadoop for cheap batch storage.

Find out more here and see a product overview here.


Splunk is used for IT Operations, Web analytics, Predictive analytics, Internet of Things, Computer security, Regulatory compliance among many things.

You can access a variety of products from Splunk as shown below.

splunk prod

Give Hunk a try too when you have a chance.


And find out here why the name Splunk 🙂



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What is Operational Intelligence
Spunk Youtube channel
Splunk documentation
Splunk SDK

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