Monthly Archives: June 2016

Inherit or Compose?

Object-Oriented Programming has brought lot of very interesting discussions over the years. One of them is about deciding when one should use inheritance, or composition. I read a pretty nice article about it recently. Here is how the article ends: Inheritance should only be used when: Both classes are in the same logical domain The […]

Repository or Factory ?

  This text comes from Eric Evans’ book, Domain-Driven Design – Tackling the Complexity in the Heart of Software. It is in Chapter 6: The Life Cycle of a Domain Object. A Factory handles the beginning of an object’s life; a Repository helps manage the middle and the end. When objects are being held in memory, or […]

Continuous Integreation – TeamCity or Jenkins

Are you continuously integrating your development efforts into a stable pipeline? Are your teammates doing the same? Is that practice encouraged inside your organization? I hope it is. If not, get on the “right” path starting today. Be vocal about the merits of doing Continuous Integration (CI) properly. Make sure you integrate your new code often […]

Console2 Arrow Key craziness

You open Console2, starts working with Cygwin or GitBash, and all the sudden, the UP and DOWN arrow keys are not working. They don’t repeat the most recent command you’ve run. You know what??? Check the SCROLL LOCK key on your keyboard. You might have that activated. Cheers, my friend 🙂