Continuous Integreation – TeamCity or Jenkins

Are you continuously integrating your development efforts into a stable pipeline? Are your teammates doing the same? Is that practice encouraged inside your organization?
I hope it is. If not, get on the “right” path starting today. Be vocal about the merits of doing Continuous Integration (CI) properly. Make sure you integrate your new code often and early.

As Martin Fowler mentions, “Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually each person integrates at least daily – leading to multiple integrations per day. Each integration is verified by an automated build (including test) to detect integration errors as quickly as possible. ”

Several tools help you have your CI pipeline operational. Among them, Jenkins and Team City. I have used and enjoyed both.  These days, I getting my hands back a bit more in automating some build process for many projects I work in. For that, my folks and I are using TeamCity.  If you’ve never tried it out, you should. Not that you should adopt it for your projects, but at least check what it does. Maybe what it doesn’t. And mostly how you think it could benefit you.

We are all about learning as you know. That’s how we evolve as human species. Learn TeamCity and add another tool to your box. Below is a video and also few links describing TeamCity. And also how it relates (or not) to Jenkins.

At this point, I am not advocating for one of the other tool. I am personally playing a bit more with Team City these days for the sake or learning and getting better. Note that I have used Cruise Control in the past too. If you have never tried any of them, do so. Also, pay attention to the whole world of Continuous Integration. If your organization has access to Team City, use it and experiment for yourself. Otherwise, put your hand on the free Jenkins tools and try few things.
We are ALL about continuously learning.

Find some articles below.

Continuous Integration [Pluralsight]

Martin Fowler on Continuous Integration
Martin Fowler again on CI
7 Reasons
ThoughtWorks on CI
Atlassian on CI
Agile Academy [Youtube Channel]
Jenkins vs Team City
Which CI tool are you using?

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