Beauty of Data Science

Data Science is getting stronger in the IT community. From companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Dropbox, AliBaba to institutions like schools and universities, governments, non-profits organizations, we are creating and using a huge amount of data. A big amount of data.

Recently, I’ve been using to play with some interesting notions.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to get a little bit more familiar with those concepts and related ideas. Below are some links that can be helpful to anyone with interest in Data Science and Data manipulation.

Enjoy the ride!

Data Scientist’s Toolbox
R Programming
Getting and Cleaning data
Exploratory Data Analysis
Reproducible Research
Statistical Inference
Regression Models
Practical Machine Learning
Developing Data Products
Data Science Capstone
You can access the Data Science specialization here.

Find other specializations
Big Data
Statistics with R
Executive Data Science
Machine Learning

Online Learning Platforms,  Coursera,, Udemy, Udacity, Khan Academy, General AssemblyCode Academy,, Iversity, Skillshare,,

If you are interested into publishing and selling your own online classes, check here.

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