Powershell 7 is now Generally Available (GA). 

As of Wednesday March 04th 2020, Powershell 7 is now Generally Available (GA).

powershell 7

PowerShell 7.0 is an open-source, cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux) edition of PowerShell, built to manage heterogeneous environments and hybrid cloud.

PowerShell 7 installs to a new directory and runs side-by-side with Windows PowerShell 5.1. For PowerShell Core 6.x, PowerShell 7 is an in-place upgrade that removes PowerShell Core 6.x.
A new cmdlet Get-Error provides complete detailed view of the fully qualified error when desired. By default the cmdlet displays the full details, including inner exceptions, of the last error that occurred.

Find what’s new in Powershell 7.

Visual Studio Code has albo been updated to support Powershell 7.

Learn about the collaboration between Powershell and .NET

powershell 7 net


Check the latest features of Powershell 7
powershell 7 latest

Want to get Powershell 7? First, check out the installation docs for WindowsmacOS, or Linux. Depending on the version of your OS and preferred package format, there may be multiple installation methods.


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