My name is Patrick Goudjo-Ako. I am a technology lover. I love programming. I love learning. I love my brain to absorb new content and learn from great mentors in the industry.

I will one day create a company that will change the way people have access to their computer world.

I love Microsoft technologies. I love my dad, mum, brother and two sisters.
I love creating super great user experiences by developing ‘great-algorithmed’ applications.
I love travelling. I love reading. I love having fun. I don’t take myself too seriously but I am serious about what I do.
I would love to change some children lives. And I will.

Life is beautiful and I make it mine to live it intensely without hurting people around me.
Life’s worth leaving and so exciting when you decide to give yourself a goal, learn and achieve things.

Pay an immense attention to Love. Let it guide all your actions.

Have fun here and enjoy every moment!

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