Visual Studio 2019 – What’s new

April 2, 2019! Visual Studio 2019 is out. Amazing news. What to expect? A lot of things. I hope you can take some time and check by yourself. Among other things, we will have support for: Improved IntelliSense performance for C++ files Local development with many common emulators Simplified test access in Solution Explorer Git management and repo creation in the […]

Web developers love System.Net.HttpStatusCode

Earlier this week, I was working on a specific project and encountered a specific error while working with some service calls over the wire. I ended up discussing with few people about whether or not I should return a specific StatusCode type for the situation I was dealing with. About 5 minutes after we started […]

Scott Hanselman introduces ASP.NET MVC2 Basics.

ASP.NET MVC is a pretty nice framework. If you care about unit testing, convention over configuration in your ASP.NET applications, you might want to take a look at MVC. If you do Webforms, keep in mind though that many of the features available in MVC are also available in Webforms. Think about URL Routing for […]

XML for ASP.NET developers

On this blog, Dan Wahlin (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for ASP.NET and XML Web Services) is described as the founder of The Wahlin Group ( which provides .NET, SharePoint and Silverlight consulting and training services. He’s also on the INETA Speaker’s Bureau and speaks at several conferences. Dan coauthored Professional Windows DNA (Wrox), ASP.NET: Tips, […]

ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source

This is transcript of a blog post done by the great Scott Gu. to talk about Microsoft great ASP.NET products being open source ! Scott runs the development teams that build ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, CLR, IIS, Media Server, and the Visual Studio Tools for Web Development and Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has made the source […]

ASP.NET 4 Breaking changes

As you know, Visual Studio 2010 currently allows Web applications development using ASP.NET 4. ASP.NET 4 introduces a number of features that improve core ASP.NET services such as output caching and session-state storage. Microsoft has released a document describing what are the new elements included into that new version of ASP.NET. This document describes changes that […]