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.NET Dependency Injection Frameworks

As Martin Fowler mentions it in his article, the basic idea of the Dependency Injection (DI) is to have a separate object, that populates a field in another class with an appropriate implementation of a specific interface. DI can be applied in three different ways: Constructor Injection, Setter Injection, and Interface Injection. A container I’ve used on several […]

Python List Comprehension…and C#

In Python List comprehensions provide a concise way to create lists. To build them, you use brackets which contain an express that is followed by a for clause. You can add zero or more for or if clauses. Since you can put all kinds of objects inside a list, the expression can be anything. What do we get when we […]

C# vs Python – Part 2

I have with C# for easily about 8 – 10 years and I love the language. I have worked with Python for much less time. Probably about 1 year in total and I also like the language. There are a lot of discussions on the web in regards to differences, pros and cons betweens specific languages. […]

20 of the top C# language questions answered

I love the C# Language. I enjoy learning the various material out there from the different versions which treats about the language details and intricacies. If you are starting with the language, you might want to try coming with answers to the following questions. Also check the link at the bottom for a great discussion […]