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Why AngularJS

  AngularJS is a beautiful framework by Misko Hevery. There is so much we can do with it when it comes to web applications. The following presents different technologies and frameworks and what they are tackling. It is based on that initial state that AngularJS has been approached in order to provide a new way […]

TypeScript explained by Anders Hejlsberg

Do you Denmark ? Do you know Turbo Pascal ? Do you know Delphi ? Are you a software developer ? Do you know C# ? If you answered Yes to one of the previous questions, then you might know Anders. He is a Technical Fellow in the developer division at Microsoft, author of Turbo […]

JavaScript – The Good Parts

JavaScript has become the most important programming language in the world. It’s the only language that people feel they don’t need to learn it before they start using it. It’s also the world most misunderstood programming language. Check the notes and remarks below and come back to see the video. JS is becoming the virtual […]