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Agility and Architecture by Bob Martin

From Simula to C++? Writing a pre-processor to make C look like Simula? And then comes C++? And then the concept of use cases from Ivar Jacobson is introduced? So now we are talking about maybe using C++ and using use cases for designing things? And then comes the gang of four with Design Patterns? […]

What Is Software Architecture?

“Architecture is….the important stuff, whatever that is.” “We need to put less effort on quality so we can build more features for our next release.” Really? How you define the quality of your software in regards to architecture? Where do you place your customers’ ability to compete into that picture? Why keep your code base […]

A way of becoming a great developer

Beware of how you spend your scarce cognitive resources. Enjoy this Fluent 2015 presentation, by Kathy Sierra, about the important elements to care about in one’s pursuit of greatness. This doesn’t only apply to technologies, or web, or coding, but to almost anything.

Facebook and Memcached

Mark explains how MemCached was adopted at Facebook and benefits gained from there,

What’s new in Visual Studio 2013

I’ve been using VS2013 for a little while now and I love what I see. Year after year, I can clearly see the hard work and dedication that the team at Microsoft is putting in building better tools. Below is a very interesting video done by Scott Hanselman to describe some of the great features […]

Executing Pull request on GitHub

I’ve been working with Git version control system for some time now. Both for personal and professional reasons. And I like it. Yes, I really like it. Oh yes, I really really like it. Git and GitHub allow us to experiment what is known as social coding. Back in 2011, GitHub already claimed to be the […]

Are you a developer or a tester ? Or can you be both ?

Have you very thought about triple-clicking a button to try breaking an application ? Are unit tests enough ? Do they mean you can ship your product ? Can you have your project fail even with 100% test coverage ? Developers think about the way things should work. Testers, good testers think about what could […]

TypeScript explained by Anders Hejlsberg

Do you Denmark ? Do you know Turbo Pascal ? Do you know Delphi ? Are you a software developer ? Do you know C# ? If you answered Yes to one of the previous questions, then you might know Anders. He is a Technical Fellow in the developer division at Microsoft, author of Turbo […]

Garbage Collector demystified

The Garbage Collector. It’s a wonderful “invention” which bring happiness to developers working with managed code. Have you ever used malloc, new, delete… ? Early C++ programmers can tell about how tedious it can be to allocate and de-allocate memory every time you use them in un-managed programs. The kind of problems that can occur […]

JavaScript – The Good Parts

JavaScript has become the most important programming language in the world. It’s the only language that people feel they don’t need to learn it before they start using it. It’s also the world most misunderstood programming language. Check the notes and remarks below and come back to see the video. JS is becoming the virtual […]