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Chris Anderson and Couchbase

As a software engineer, chances are you have already used Couchbase. Chris Anderson, co-founder of Couchbase and an Apache CouchDB committer is interviewed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich from Beuth HS of Technology Berlin at GOTO Copenhagen 2012.     Links Chris Couchbase GOTO Conference

Monitor your Mac traffic through Fiddler on your Windows VM

I work on a Mac computer. I develop both on Mac and Windows. A lot of times I find myself trying to intercept some traffic coming from my Mac on my Fiddler instance which lives on my Windows VM. The main reason for this is the fact that I haven’t been able to successfully use […]

Principles of Object Oriented Design by Uncle Bob

This is an article entirely taken from Uncle Bob ———————————————– What is object oriented design? What is it all about? What are it’s benefits? What are it’s costs? It may seem silly to ask these questions in a day and age when virtually every software developer is using an object oriented language of some kind. […]

Useful Git resources

The following is a list of very useful Git resources. Git Pro book Linus Torvalds on Git 15 minutes to larn Git in a browser for free Learn about Git branching Help on GitHub GitHub training videos Scott Chacon blog Git Ready Think Like a Git by Sam Livingston-Gray Notes on Git Git concepts simplified […]

Contributing to ASP.NET

I’ve been working with ASP.NET for a while now, and while I enjoy it, I also try to look outside of the “normal” zone to discover new things. One thing you might be interested to do is to contribute to the community around the framework. This will let you understand the intricacies of the platform […]