Nov 16 – 18 is seeing Microsoft ConnectLive event being streamed.   Catch the videos by clicking the picture below.  

We are in the bot era. Many great companies are offering a variety of platforms to help developers provide great user experiences using bots. Check the Microsoft bot framework here. If you are a C# coder, you can use Microsoft Bot Builder for C# “for constructing bots that can handle both freeform interactions and more […]

Below is good Pluralsight crash course for beginers about Asynchronous programming in .NET. It starts by explaining the differences between parallel and asynchronous programming, dives into the Task Parallel Library and presents the Async/Await paradigm. Click the picture or the link below to access the course.  Course link accessible here too.  

[Excuse the sounds issues happening at different points during the video] The following talk is from Glenn Engstrand, formerly a Senior Software Engineer from the platform team at Zoosk. It’s just about 38 min long. I found it interesting in regards to using SOLR search functionalities for building a scalable system handling millions of users and […]

Object-Oriented Programming has brought lot of very interesting discussions over the years. One of them is about deciding when one should use inheritance, or composition. I read a pretty nice article about it recently. Here is how the article ends: Inheritance should only be used when: Both classes are in the same logical domain The […]

  This text comes from Eric Evans’ book, Domain-Driven Design – Tackling the Complexity in the Heart of Software. It is in Chapter 6: The Life Cycle of a Domain Object. A Factory handles the beginning of an object’s life; a Repository helps manage the middle and the end. When objects are being held in memory, or […]

Are you continuously integrating your development efforts into a stable pipeline? Are your teammates doing the same? Is that practice encouraged inside your organization? I hope it is. If not, get on the “right” path starting today. Be vocal about the merits of doing Continuous Integration (CI) properly. Make sure you integrate your new code often […]