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Beauty of Data Science

Data Science is getting stronger in the IT community. From companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Dropbox, AliBaba to institutions like schools and universities, governments, non-profits organizations, we are creating and using a huge amount of data. A big amount of data. Recently, I’ve been using datacamp.com to play with some interesting notions. […]

[Talk] Using Lucene/Solr to Surface the Big Data of Social Media

[Excuse the sounds issues happening at different points during the video] The following talk is from Glenn Engstrand, formerly a Senior Software Engineer from the platform team at Zoosk. It’s just about 38 min long. I found it interesting in regards to using SOLR search functionalities for building a scalable system handling millions of users and […]

Splunk for Beginners

Are you planning on using Splunk? Why? If you are not sure, consider the following. Today, in this world of Machine data. and constant stream of information, there is always a need to take advantage of this massive amount of bits that are collected. And Splunk, can help you at that. Among many things, it does […]