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Solid Design Patterns for Mere Mortals

Phil Japikse does a pretty nice presentation during .Net Conf 2017, about Design Patterns. Worth taking a look at and get back to “basics”. If you look at your code and automatically feel like you need to add comments, maybe you have too much and should decouple more. Creational Paterns Structural Patterns Behavioral Patterns Observer […]

Principles in Refactoring

I always enjoy reading or listening to Martin Fowler. The following comes from his book, Refactoring. _________________ The word Refactoring has two definitions depending on context. The first definition is the noun form. Refactoring (noun): a change made to the internal structure of software to make it easier to understand and cheapter to modify without […]

Keep Coupling Loose

I love reading the book Code Complete, by Steve McConnell. The following comes from it. … Coupling describes how tightly a class or routine is related to other classes or routines. The goal is to create classes and routines with small, direct, visible, and flexible relations to other classes and routines, which is knowsn as […]

Professional code vs good code

This week, we were discussing about performance, bugs prevention, issue detection and fix, and how it was important to write code that make problems fix easy. The kind of code you would write as a developer, that would allow someone in the Ops team to understand what’s happening on Production. A mention was then made […]