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A sense of Urgency

This post was initially by Boz, on Feb. 12 2015. This is one of those posts I want to be able to go back to at a later time. Hence I paste it here. ** Sense of Urgency ** I once had the good fortune to visit the kitchen at The French Laundry. The kitchen […]

Facebook and Memcached

Mark explains how MemCached was adopted at Facebook and benefits gained from there,

Interesting discussion with Chamath Palihapitiya

I really love listening to Chamath. There is so much knowledge to capture from his brain. After working with Winamp, AOL and Facebook, and now working on his own investment fund, Chamath always delivers. Do you necessarily need more degrees? What about learning how to code? How to have an impact building companies? Learn about […]

Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

Hey folks, I’ve been recently reading quite some articles about Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and former former Google vice-president for global online sales and operations. You can find here the post I wrote about her. Today, I point you to a video which I hope will be viewed by as  many women […]

Sheryl Sandberg, her role at Facebook, and women in business.

Hey folks, After Sean Parker and Bill Gates, today I bring you a complete transcription of a wonderful article from the New Yorker on Sheryl Sandberg, former Google vice-president for global online sales and operations, who impacted Facebook as she became the new Chief Operating Officer. Have fun and learn. Patrick. A Woman’s Place Can […]

Sean Parker – Man of Mystery.

Hi friends, today, Monday July 04th 2011, as I usually do, I read about some people I like. I just found an article on the Vanity Fair online magazine talking about the story, successes and failures of Sean Parker, the man who co-founded Napster, has been serving as Facebook president and has promoted Spotify. I […]