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Git Rebase

The easiest way to integrate branches in Git is the merge command. However, there is another way: you can take the patch of the change that was introduced in a commit and reapply it on top of a specific point. In Git, the rebase command allows you to take all the changes that were committed on one branch and replay […]

Executing Pull request on GitHub

I’ve been working with Git version control system for some time now. Both for personal and professional reasons. And I like it. Yes, I really like it. Oh yes, I really really like it. Git and GitHub allow us to experiment what is known as social coding. Back in 2011, GitHub already claimed to be the […]

3 great talks about Git version control system

I’ve recently been a pretty strong advocate of using Git as a version control system. It is inherently different from any other system around and being distributed is definitely something that I enjoy a lot. Let me share here 3 nice talks that I’ve enjoyed and which all describe Git and will allow you to […]

Git, a very nice tool and adventure.

I’ve used Subversion, Source Safe, TFS and others. Today I use Git for hosting most of my projects. I chose to do it to learn the tool, the environment and the paradigms behind it. It also started mostly because my professional work requires it. And I like it this way. Git is a distributed version control system […]

Working with Git and GitHub

I’ve started using Git distributed source code control recently and I have to say I love you, Git. I used to complain and be blocked when I was working with Team Foundation Server and that for some reason, the TFS server was down. Now, I just don’t worry about that because Git allows me to […]

Tom Preston-Werner explains GitHub

Have you ever thought of sharing your code on the web ? Thought of doing social and collaborative coding and having other people contribute ? Git is an extremely fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software. Every clone of a Git repository represents the entire history of that project […]