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Ruby, .NET and IronRuby for beginners

I’ve been playing with the .NET framework for a while now. I still love it. I also love touching other environments. Ruby is one of them.  It’s a powerful and flexible programming language that you can use for web/internet development. It’s object-oriented and dynamically typed. You therefore don’t need to specify the type of an object […]

Elements of code beauty

I have a great meeting in few hours. With an Internet Mogul. A real Tycoon. The kind of guy you would like to resemble if you love software, business, entrepreneurship. It’s not a one-to-one meeting but I will be part of the people who will have the chance to hear him, discuss with him, and […]

Working with Git and GitHub

I’ve started using Git distributed source code control recently and I have to say I love you, Git. I used to complain and be blocked when I was working with Team Foundation Server and that for some reason, the TFS server was down. Now, I just don’t worry about that because Git allows me to […]

Basics of WPF, XAML and WPF/e

I’ve mostly blogged about .NET in general and web development in particular so far. Today, let’s dive a bit into Windows programming using Windows Presentation Framework (WPF). User32 and Gdi32 have been at the core of Windows programming for a while. WPF is part of .NET since version 3.0. it ships with Vista. It Requires […]

A quick look at the CLR and managed code.

The Core Execution Engine, generally referred to as CLR (Common Language Runtime) is at the heart of the .NET framework and helps handling all execution of managed code we write. Just In Time (JIT) compilation and Garbage Collection are are some the really core runtime services that the CLR provides. The .NET Framework is a […]

TypeScript explained by Anders Hejlsberg

Do you Denmark ? Do you know Turbo Pascal ? Do you know Delphi ? Are you a software developer ? Do you know C# ? If you answered Yes to one of the previous questions, then you might know Anders. He is a Technical Fellow in the developer division at Microsoft, author of Turbo […]

JavaScript – The Good Parts

JavaScript has become the most important programming language in the world. It’s the only language that people feel they don’t need to learn it before they start using it. It’s also the world most misunderstood programming language. Check the notes and remarks below and come back to see the video. JS is becoming the virtual […]

Scott Hanselman introduces ASP.NET MVC2 Basics.

ASP.NET MVC is a pretty nice framework. If you care about unit testing, convention over configuration in your ASP.NET applications, you might want to take a look at MVC. If you do Webforms, keep in mind though that many of the features available in MVC are also available in Webforms. Think about URL Routing for […]

Scott Hanselman shows Visual Studio 2012 new features

July 2012. Scott Hanselman gives the second day keynote for aspConf. In this session, Scott Hanselman starts by explaining the vision of One ASP.NET. He then shows a bunch of mind-blowing prototype features, and ends by answering dozens of live questions from the community. This is a must-see session that happens to be a ton of fun, […]

.NET Debugging with Tess

If you work on .NET stack, you might have already encountered situations where your application, for some reasons is using a lot of memory. To investigate, we as developers, will most of the times, use Profilers tools. Profilers help troubleshooting those issues but what they mainly do is give information about memory allocation. What they […]