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Python List Comprehension…and C#

In Python List comprehensions provide a concise way to create lists. To build them, you use brackets which contain an express that is followed by a for clause. You can add zero or more for or if clauses. Since you can put all kinds of objects inside a list, the expression can be anything. What do we get when we […]

Ten LINQ Myths

Edited by: Patrick Goudjo-Ako | Reading time: 15 minutes. This text comes from an extra documentation provided by Joe Albahari, creator of LinqPad. He explains 10 myths about Language Integrated Query (LINQ). I found them pretty interesting and useful. If you work on the Microsoft stack and haven’t started using LinqPad, you better start now […]

LINQ – Startup guide

This article is from MSDN and has been written by Don Box and Anders Hejlsberg. .NET Language-Integrated Query After two decades, the industry has reached a stable point in the evolution of object-oriented (OO) programming technologies. Programmers now take for granted features like classes, objects, and methods. In looking at the current and next generation […]

LINQ beyond Queries – by Scott Allen

Today I share with you a very interesting Channel 9 session presented by Scott Allen during Microsoft DevDays 2010 in The Hague in The Netherlands. The C# language and the .NET platform introduced many new features to support language integrated query.  In this session, we’ll look at using these LINQ related features to build rich, […]